Herberg het Mandelahuisje - Marielle Loussot | Design web print
Marielle Loussot's portfolio and presentation
Creative Designer, Amsterdam, graphic designer, webdesigner, illustrator, grafisch ontwerper, illustrator, illustrateur, graphiste
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Herberg het Mandelahuisje


Mandelahuisje2-marielleloussotMandelahuisje3-marielleloussot Mandelahuisje4-marielleloussot Mandelahuisje5-marielleloussot Mandelahuisje6-marielleloussot

The "Mandelahuisje" is a hostel based in the "Sixhaven" harbour on the Ij in Amsterdam. Inspired by Nelson Mandela's Ubuntu philosophy, the "huisje" needed a new logo and identity. The logo is 2 colorful shaking hands, symbol of peace between cultures and nations.


Identity, Logo, Print