Karma Palette - Marielle Loussot | Design web print
Marielle Loussot's portfolio and presentation
Creative Designer, Amsterdam, graphic designer, webdesigner, illustrator, grafisch ontwerper, illustrator, illustrateur, graphiste
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Karma Palette

Karma-Palette2-marielleloussot Karma-Palette3-marielleloussot Karma-Palette4-marielleloussot karma-palette5-marielleloussot karma-palette6-marielleloussotKarma-Palette7-marielleloussot

Karma Palette proposes Meditation, healing and styling workshops. I based the identity and the logo on a lotus combined to a color palette. The colors are fresh and aspire to peace and serenity. With its new logo, Karma Palette needed a new website, business cards, postcards and bags.


Digital, Identity, Logo, Print